stocking guidelines

stocking stuffer ideas

  • Please don't wrap items in your stocking. Charities will need to review each stocking's content to ensure stockings are safe and appropriate.
  • Please no sharp, dangerous objects (e.g. jackknives, scissors, tools)
  • Please insert only commercially sealed candy and food products.
  • A card to your recipients is a nice gesture. If you sign your card, please do not include your last name, address or contact information.
  • Each stocking you donate must have a tag attached to it. Please download a tag and from our site, print it and fill out the space for the charity you wish to donate to, as well as your contact information. We will detach your contact information before we distribute the stocking. We'll keep it in our files to track donation information. Your contact information will not be shared outside of our organizing committee.

If you are stumped for ideas, here are some tips to get you started. Ultimately, it is your gift and so nothing replaces your own personal touch! There is no guideline on how much to spend on stuffing a stocking. When stuffing your stocking, asking these questions will help act as your own checklist:

- have I chosen gender appropriate items?

- have I chosen age appropriate items?

- have I offered a nice mix of practical and personal items? Would this stocking put a smile on my face on Christmas morning?

And voila - you have your own special gift - straight from the heart!

Infants (0-1 year):

Practical items such as soothers, wipes, diaper cream, bath wash, soap, receiving blankets, changing mats, etc.
Clothing such as socks, booties, onesies, hats
Small soft toys, rattles
Music CD's - lullabies

Items for baby's mum such as a picture frame or baby journal

Toddlers (age 1-2):

Toys (non-chokeable and age appropriate)
Mitts, hat, scarves
Socks, onesies
Board books
Practical items such as first toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo
Bubble bath and other bath toys (bath crayons, etc.)

Early Years and School Aged Children (age 3-8):

DVD's and books
Writing pads (fun) with pencils/crayons
Clothing such as shirts, socks, underwear

Winter woollens such as mitts, scarves, hats
For girls: lip gloss, jewelry, headbands/clips, personal journal with pen, purse
Toys (age appropriate)
Action figures

Crafting supplies - colouring books, craft kits, markers, pens, crayons

Games and puzzles

Bubbles (ages 4 - 6)

Locker mirrors (for kids ages 10 - 12)

Gift certificates - Sky Zone, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, etc.

Tweens (ages 9 - 13)

Ear buds

Cool water bottles

Gift cards - McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Bowling/Arcade, Menchies, Pizza Hut, Cinema, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Necessities - hats, mitts, socks, hygiene items

Notebooks/coloured pens

Age appropriate cosmetics/scrunchies

​Gum and candy

Popcorn container (narrow enough to fit into stocking) with popcorn 

Fake tattoos

Accessories - jewelry, headbands (like Buff style), texting winter gloves

Teenagers (age 14-17) and Young Adults (18 to early 20's):

Gift Certificates for Movies, iTunes, Books, movie cinema, Ardene's or Walmart
Gift Certificates to Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons or similar restaurants
Winter woollens: gloves, scarves, hats
Clothing such as slippers, socks, belt

Water bottles
Hygiene Products: new facial towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo,conditioner, soap, feminine hygiene products, body wash, brush, comb, deodorant, shaving cream/shaver
For young women: jewelry, accessories (fashion scarf, belt), perfume, lip gloss, makeup (including nail polish), bath products, gift certificate to Shoppers Drug Mart, lingerie or clothing store
Journal, address/phone number book and pen
A pre-paid phone card
Gum, mints, age appropriate candy


Pill Organizer/Pill Container for pocket or purse
Toothbrush/Toothpaste/gadget for squeezing toothpaste
Hand sanitizer/hand lotion/face cloth
Calendar/pen/crossword book
Travel size kleenex
nightlight/small flashlight/pot scrubber
nail file/nail clippers
hot chocolate/mints/chocolates/tin of cookies

picture frames


Hat, gloves, mitts, scarf

Christmas ornament

Handwritten note/card

Change purse/wallet

Foldable shopping bag

Gift Certificate to Tim Hortons


Additional Ideas for Monica Place and Marillac Place Recipients

Baby items: baby toiletries, baby wash cloths, clothing, bottles
Adult toiletries and cosmetics: shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, new hair combs and brushes, nursing pads, Q-tips, cotton balls, make up, body lotions
Gift items: picture frames, small photo albums, prepaid phone cards, disposable cameras, personal journals, scrapbook accessories