1. Donate money and we will stuffstockings

- Some companies hold social events/activities at work and funds raised are donated to StuffIn

- Other companies offer a straight donation as part of their annual giving campaign (you can send a cheque or donate right here on our site).

2. Employees Stuff  Stockings or collect loose items (stocking stuffers)

3.Provide In Kind Product

Whether it is a box of toothbrushes, packaged candies, a bag of mitts or scarves, we love taking loose items and using them to stuff stockings!


Place one of our posters at your workplace or distribute flyers

Know someone in media? A story is always good! And make sure you follow us on FB, Twitter and Pinterest - Retweet, Share & Like!

Does your business have many employees or else is it a high traffic zone? Offering to display StuffIn materials helps us a great deal! We are holding a raffle again this year and could use locations to set up our raffle prize displays (sell tickets!).