​​Do you absolutely love stockings? Do you have special memories of receiving your own stocking on Christmas morning? Do you want others to feel remembered and loved on Christmas Day? If one or more of these apply to you, you have already completed the first step - FEELING THE MAGIC AND THE LOVE OF GIVING!

The rest of the steps are easy:

1. Think of who you'd like to fill a stocking for...a girl? A boy? A senior? An infant? An adult living with a disability? Do you have a particular charity on our list that interests you? Consider who you are stuffing this stocking for.

2. Buy stuff! Yup, it's totally fun. Once you know who you're buying for, go out and have a ball. It really does get addictive. If you need a little help to get started, visit our Stockings Guidelines page.

4. Place your goodies in a stocking or bag! Through our new reality of Covid, our preparation week means no volunteers and just our committee handling items. While stockings are still completely welcome, we are completely fine with bags as they make it so much easier for us to do our quick inspections. So please place your items in a bag and tie it off! Staple a tag to your bag so that we know who you are and what's inside! Please keep your items unwrapped in case the charities choose to review contents.

Please rest assured that if you have bought items for a specific age and gender of individual, your bag's contents will NOT be split up and redistributed; your bundle will remain intact unless it is against any of the basic guidelines we have in place. When you're done and ready to deliver, make sure your bag is closed properly so the contents don't spill out.

5. Fill out a tag for your bag 'o goodies. Below is a tag you can print off and fill in. Your personal information will not be attached to the recipient's stocking. Your information will not be shared with any party outside of the StuffIn Stockings committee. If you are unable to print, please do create your own tag.

6. We will once again have our display at The Shops at Uptown Waterloo Square beginning the evening of November 12th, 2021.

If you have a larger donation of items, please contact us to arrange for another form of delivery or pick up.We are thrilled to have the support of several drop off locations in addition to the ShopsYou can drop your stockings or bag(s) of loose stuffers at Block Three Brewing in St. Jacobs,  Sky Zone in Kitchener, or Gifted in Belmont Village starting November 12.  Please visit the websites of our drop-off partners for hours of operation.

We will be picking up all donations by 3 PM DECEMBER 9.

Please print the stocking tag below or create your own tag with the information listed so we ensure it goes to the appropriate group.

StuffIn' a Stocking - 2021 DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 9  

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