StuffIn Stockings came to be in 2010 based on a very simple goal - to send one or three stockings out to some children in need in Waterloo Region. But what started out as a 'few' stockings grew quickly to over 200 as the founder's friends and a local company (Quarry!) found out about the idea. It's amazing how quickly something simple yet so magical can catch on.

In Year 2, we collected stuffed stockings from individuals, families, clubs, groups and companies and sent 750 lovely (and made with love) bundles to children, youth and some adults through approximately 10 charities. Year 3 saw 1,600 stockings and Years 4 and 5 saw 1,800 stockings distributed through 21 regional charities. And what is so especially heartwarming is that now, anyone in need can received a stocking - newborn babies, children, youth (teens), adults, adults living with disabilities and seniors. Wow!!

It  is our vision that everyone should feel special and remembered on Christmas day. We are thrilled to say that our community is making sure that we are helping to create memories for many in need.

StuffIn Stockings was started by St. Jacobs mum and entrepreneur Carolyn Parks, but was offiicially adopted by the Lions Club of St. Jacobs in its third year and is now a group 'elf' effort thanks to the efforts of this service minded club and other volunteers.

There are several elves dedicating their time to this year's special campaign:

Mel Fishman - Co-Chair

Mel runs the St. Jacobs Community Association and is an active member of the St. Jacobs Lions Club. She is an active events planner, working to produce Blocktoberfest with Block 3 Brewing and the St. Jacobs Lions Club as well as the fabulously successful St. Jacobs Amazing Race. A mum of two very active kids, Mel is always engaged with her community.

Amanda Palmer - Co-Chair

As another member of the St. Jacobs Community Association and St. Jacobs Lions Club member, Amanda can be seen helping with various community events and jumping in where ever needed to help her community members. Fairly new to St. Jacobs, Amanda and her family are in love with their new community and enthusiastic to help make it the best it can be.​​

Carolyn Parks 

Carolyn is founder and co-Chair of StuffIn Stockings. She is a long time resident of Waterloo Region and a member of the St. Jacobs Lions Club. She comes from an events planning and marketing background; she founded the Total Woman Show, a premier consumer event now hosted by The Waterloo Region Record. Carolyn is mum to two children and wife to sculptor Tim Schmalz.

Rachel Gibson

Rachel is a former manager for the organic/ natural meat business Beretta Farms Inc in Toronto. Since moving to Kitchener a year ago she has decided to slow down and enjoy being a Mum and wife.  She is really excited to put her organizational skills to work at Stuffing stockings and to help keep the magic of Christmas alive for those who need it!

It must be mentioned that  StuffIn Stockings cannot take place without a lot more helping hands...with the St. Jacobs Lions Club championing the cause and with many enthusiastic volunteers from companies and families offering their help in stuffing and delivering stockings, this is an amazing group effort.

Tracey Phillips 

Tracey is a busy lady and active member of the St. Jacobs Lions Club. Working full time at Home Hardware in Elmira, Tracey is very active as a community member and enjoys time with family and friends.  She is indispensable with StuffIn Stockings; her enthusiasm and dedication is never ending! 

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